A Guide to Buying Beyblade Toys

Beyblade tops

The Beyblade game was created in 2000 by Takara Tomy. To play the game, players are required to get a spinning top as a point of entry. It entails players battling each other with high tech spinning tops. If you want to become a champion in this game, should have a range of tops and the right knowledge to use them. If you are buying Beyblade toys for the first time, this article will be of great help. Read on.

Understand the Systems

Before making any purchase, you should understand the different systems of Beyblade tops. The very first generation is known as the basic systems which have tops with different sections. The base determines the movement, the weight disk serves as the heft, and the Attack ring determines the impact and the bit chip for decoration.

The Basic System evolved into the Magnacore System which has magnets which repel or attract other tops. The Engine Gear System which uses an engine gear to affect the movement of tops came next. And then we had the Heavy Metal system tops which are made of metal, and they have an advantage over all other systems because of their speed and weight.

What Beyblades Do You Need?

This is another consideration you should make before purchase. Although the Beyblades come in different shapes and patterns, all they do is to spin. However, you should note that different shapes and construction affect the movement pattern. Knowing which tops your opponent is going to use gives you an opportunity to buy the rival tops. If you cannot get a clue of which tops your opponent is going to use, I suggest you use the balance tops. They do not have obvious advantages over the other tops. However, they require skill and technique.

Understand the Different Makes of the Tops

Since the launch of the game, the company has been manufacturing different types of tops. Hasbro tops are used in many parts of America because they are made from strong plastic making them sturdy. You have to understand the different makes of the tops and their advantages to win this game.

There are numerous types and selections of Beyblade accessories available, and you can get them in many online stores. Research for a genuine store and find what you want from their search bars. Based on the results you get, organize your list based on location, price, operation time and many more.