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Benefits of Playing the Piano

Playing any musical instrument,for example, the guitar helps to relieve stress and promote mental health, and the piano is no exception. Nevertheless, playing the instrument has many benefits which have been proven by science. For example, it is an excellent instrument for those seeking ways to creatively express themselves and want to experience some joy and fun.

Here are some of the key benefits of playing the piano:

It Improves Aural Awareness

People have different aural capacities, with some having very sharp awareness or naturally musical ears and others have low awareness or are tone-deaf. The good news is that no matter where you are in the range, playing the piano helps your ears to recognize the intervals, tones, as well as chords and get a sense of pitch. Moreover, the age at which you start playing the instrument or taking the lessons for the instrument does not matter, but it somehow enables your ears to be better in perceiving sounds and variations.

Perhaps you could be wondering if aural awareness is useful outside the music world. The reality is that it is because it enables one to hear well despite the background noise, and this is particularly important for those who have trouble hearing amid background noises. Also, aural awareness aids in comprehending and picking out sound patterns of foreign languages. It may also assist to overcome dyslexia during its development phase.

Playing the Piano Improves Concentration

improves concentrationWhen playing this grand instrument, your mind is compelled to focus on various things like the note duration, pitch, tempo, rhythm and several other things. You engage in a multi-level exercise on concentration. According to studies, whenever a musician starts playing any musical instrument, so much activity start happening in their brains. All brain areas are activated when playing a musical instrument, and it could be the only activity that has such an effect. Therefore, it would help those trying to get a mental focus to enroll for piano lessons or any other instrument.

Piano Playing Helps to Enhance Discipline

It is not a walk in the park to learn and master playing the piano. However, frequent practice and playing the piano inculcate not only discipline but also perseverance. Sometimes the pianist has to practice so many times playing certain parts of a song, which is only possible if they are persistent, disciplined and persevering. In the beginning, you may need to motivate yourself to play the instrument, but with the time you get used to it and become disciplined such that your practice sessions will not be a struggle.

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5 Reasons to Go to Ed Sheeran Concert

If you love music, then you can never miss the Ed Sheeran concert. You can now buy Ed Sheeran tickets online and preserve your spot at the concert. Going to Ed Sheeran music is the best way to spend your holiday and get great entertainment.

Why go to Ed Sheeran Concert

Support the greater good

You don’t get to see one of the characters from your favorite TV Series or a cluster of movies every day. The Game of Thrones factor may not be motivation enough. Being part of the change for a better world may, however, inspire you. Ed is celebrated for his charity endeavors. The proceeds from his concerts are often directed toward helping the needy and vulnerable groups across the world. In 2017, Ed was honored as Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his charitable actions around the world.

Create special moments

Ed is a performance artist in demand. He is always scheduled to perform in a major city somewhere around the world. Tickets to live Ed Sheeran’s shows are subsequently always available online, making it possible to make plans for a vacation with a difference. If you’ve always wanted to visit a European city, for example, logs on and look at his schedule then ensure that your vacation’s booking coincides with his concert dates in a particular city. Do this as a surprise gift to a special person who adores Ed’s acoustic guitar tunes, and he or she will have a memorable experience.

Get into shape

Ed delivers high energy concerts. Attending them is like walking into a lively gym full of highly charged people in the party mood. It’s easy to let go once the “feel good attitude” sips into you and pushes aside the worries of daily life. Besides putting on the best of smiles, you will also get into shape because you can’t attend an Ed Sheeran concert without breaking a sweat.

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Connect with people

You may not adore Ed that much, but it’s always possible to meet someone who you adore more at his concerts. Ed attracts crowds. He, therefore, helps people to connect and inspire change in their lives for the better. While some people talk of having met their spouses at concerts of these kinds, others point out at how they met their dream employers or changed their perception of the world. Charity concerts are examples of eye openers because they bring out the 21st-century challenges and advocate for ways to overcome them.


Don’t be kind of person who does the same thing over and over till boredom bleeds from your veins. Turn an Ed Sheeran concert into your “road not take” and unveil the treasures on the other side of the valley. Life has a funny way of working out. The solution to your current challenge may be found in the most unlikely of places. Don’t be surprised if it’s at the upcoming Ed
Sheeran concert.